Thursday, December 12, 2013

Monday, October 7, 2013

Lucero from Diamond Nexus just got engaged!

Be careful when you show up in one of our blog posts about getting engaged, since it just might just happen in real life! 

Yes, in the case of Diamond Nexus employee Lucero, life truly does imitate art. Just days after posing as a model in an engagement ring post, she went from girl pretending to be engaged, to donning a Diamond Nexus engagement ring and planning her wedding in a matter of days!

Luci’s soon-to-be husband bought her the Bella Vista engagement ring, with a 1.21 carat Oval Cut center stone in a 14k White Gold setting. Gorgeous!

What Lucero, Diamond Nexus employee and professional cake decorator loves about her new ring:
I love that it is lower set and comfortable enough that it doesn't get in the way while I decorate cakes. 

The beautiful Bella Vista engagement ring can be found here: 

You can’t make this stuff up, folks. Only at Diamond Nexus. :)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Size Matters at Diamond Nexus

By Jennifer London

The perfect Diamond Nexus engagement ring doesn’t have to be huge to fit your eye. It’s all a matter of what works best for you.

We know that with such affordable engagement rings, it can be tempting to order the biggest and most elaborate engagement ring on But, before you order, we want to offer some advice, to help guarantee the best choice for your lifestyle.

1. Bigger isn’t always better, and though we do offer a 30-day guarantee and an amazing exchange program, we know that choosing the right ring the first time is going to save you some valuable time. After all, you know you can’t wait to just get out there and start showing off that new engagement ring to all of your friends and co-workers.
Kismet engagement Ring

2. Ordering an elaborate bridge band design like the Kismet with an amazing amount of accent stones in a wide gold band requires some important background information.

Note: You must be the type of woman who loves positive attention. The Kismet and other wider engagement rings in our collection are great for women with longer fingers, shapely hands and those who enjoy wearing larger jewelry. If you chose the Kismet, you’re likely a “MORE is More” type of girl.

3. We think that it is important to wear what feels comfortable and if this ring is too heavy, you won’t feel like yourself on a day-to-day basis.

Cinderella Staircase engagement ring

Choosing a ring like the Cinderella Staircase with an average width in a channel setting and peg-head center is a very popular choice for many women, since the stone sizes are quite believable yet also semi-customizable.

Just the thing, if you want the comfortable band size and a more moderate or completely over the top center stone. That is one awesome aspect of peg-head rings. Options!

4. Women LOVE options. And with a ring that can be semi-customized, you can get a size that you love in both band and center stone size, and down the road, easily *upgrade the size of the center stone.

*Upgrading is a feature that can be done either by changing the peg-head to hold a larger center stone, or by trading up to a new ring using our “Trade-Up” program. 

5. Looking for an engagement ring for a petite finger that won’t have an overstated feel? Then check out one of our more low-profile engagement rings, like the Felicia

Having a lower profile setting in a petite band design, you will be keeping the ring proportionate to the size of your more delicate fingers.

Admire Engagement Ring

6. For a classic choice, and a design and stone size that will be both believable and comfortable, check out one of our solitaire settings like the Admire.  

#SizeMatters and with Diamond Nexus, you can get the perfect engagement ring in a band size and with the right stone size to feel like it is a natural addition to your daily wardrobe.

For assistance in selecting the appropriate ring style, we have customer service representatives available at or by phone at 1-800-509-4990 who are excited to be able to help you select the most ideal engagement ring!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Not So Beautiful Anymore, Is It?

By Morgan Delaney

We don’t like being the bearer of bad news, but sometimes we must. Have you wondered where diamonds come from? Not beautiful Diamond Nexus stones, but mined-from-the-ground diamonds?

The truth is, many don’t know. And wouldn’t you think one would want to know the origin of something that costs so much money? Even if they’re really not worth much, people pay thousands of dollars for the rock that supposedly symbolizes love.
What does this symbolize to you?,,2760963_4,00.jpg


           Is THIS                                         

            Worth this?


About 1750 tons of earth needs to be moved to find just one 1 carat diamond.,or.r_cp.r_qf.&bvm=bv.52164340

Although many brutal civil wars have now ended, diamonds still come at a cost. Heavy human rights violations occur, such as forced labor, beatings, torture, and murder. 

Over Diamonds.

The largest diamond mine in Syria is so deep that helicopters cannot fly over it without being pulled in.  In other words, it has created its own atmosphere.

The Kimberley process says they've solved these problems, however, human right violations, environment degradation, and exploitation of workers are ignored.  Many diamonds are labelled "conflict free" without ever having their origins traced.

There is a reason we do what we do here at Diamond Nexus.  We provide jewelry that did not require any damage to the earth.  No fueling of wars.  No pain to people. 

We believe jewelry should not come at this cost.