Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Bachelorette's New Engagement Ring

Emily Maynard Says Yes To Jef Holm!

During the season finale of the Bachelorette, Jef Holm presented Emily Maynard with a custom made Neil Lane engagement ring, estimated to have cost around $150,000! That makes this ring the most expensive ring in Bachelor/Bachelorette TV History.

The ring features a 2.5 ct. Emerald cut center and is accented by 87 smaller diamonds, round cut for more brilliance when paired with a vintage cut center like an Emerald.

Diamond Nexus knows that most people are not able to afford a ring that costs as much as some houses. Even if couples did have that kind of money, the choice to spend it all on a ring makes most people cringe. That is why we offer affordable engagement rings that have the beauty, elegance and longevity of a mined diamond ring, without the high price-tag.

Check out some of these options for rings that resemble Emily's new engagement ring~

 This is the Angelix, and since it has an adjustable peghead, can be semi-customized to hold an Emerald cut center stone. The ring is found out this link: http://www.diamondnexus.com/angelix.html

This is the Maika and is shown with a 1.74 ct. Radiant cut center stone, but can be semi-customized to hold an Emerald cut stone as well. The split band gives more sparkle and a touch of a softness to the angular design.

Here is the Timeless Engagement Ring, shown with an Emerald cut center. It can hold up to a 2.62 ct. Emerald center and also comes in four other stone cuts so this design is very versatile.

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  1. I think your Winnete is you prettiest emerald cut stone. That one never gets enough mention.