Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What’s In A Name? Part 4

By the Green Queen

This week on “What’s In A Name?”, we’ll take a look at the names of some of Diamond Nexus men’s jewelry.

First up: Sinclair.

Sinclair Men's Ring

This band was a huge hit with the guys in the office right from the start.  It’s dashing and manly, but with a touch of the romantic.  It made me think of Errol Flynn.  But “Errol” is a bit of an awkward name on its own, and “Flynn” seemed more rugged than sophisticated.  So I thought of the character Neville Sinclair from the movie The Rocketeer, who was a fictional re-imagining of the real Errol Flynn.  (Stunningly acted by Timothy Dalton, by the way.  You can’t blame Jennifer Connelly for falling for the bad guy when he’s played by Timothy Dalton.)

A somewhat similar piece is the Reese men’s ring, also with three stones in a segmented design.

Reese Men's Ring

This ring looked very mechanical or industrial to me.  So…what’s more mechanical than a cyborg?  And what’s more industrial than a factory?  So I put the two together and…that’s right, I started thinking of the Terminator movies.  Specifically, the heroic Kyle Reese from the first one.  “Reese” seemed a bit more unusual of a name than “Kyle,” and people in the movie usually called the character by his last name rather than his first name anyway, so I decided to go with “Reese.”

Konrad Men's Ring

Last but not least for this week…Konrad

The high-polish groove down the center of this band reminded me of a shining, meandering river.  I thought of stories that involved a long voyage on a river and came up with Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad.  I considered naming the ring after one of the characters from the novel, like Kurtz, but that name seemed a bit…well, curt.

curt (kûrt) adj. curt·er, curt·est
1. Rudely brief or abrupt, as in speech or manner. See Synonyms at gruff.
2. Using few words; terse.
3. Having been shortened.

Besides, I never really liked the character of Kurtz very much.  So I decided that “Conrad” would do.  But as a subtle nod to the character as well as the original Polish spelling of the author’s name, I changed the first letter to a “K.”

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