Thursday, May 24, 2012

Jen and Meg visit a bridal boutique

Jen and Meg getting ready to try on eveningwear

The ladies of Diamond Nexus visited Miss Ruby Bridal Boutique  to make a video on how to perfectly accessorize evening wear. The lovely ladies of Miss Ruby were gracious enough to let them come in extra early, before the store even opened to try on some fabulous dresses and play dress up.

The shoot is being made into a video that will be posted on the Diamond Nexus company website:  just in time for the Miss USA pageant that is being aired next weekend!

Big thanks goes out to Miss Ruby for being so hospitable with the gals! Store Manager Kelly rocked the recording and offered some excellent tips for choosing dresses  that complimented Jen and Meg's figures. Her professionalism and charming personality, combined with her vast fashion expertise were exactly what every woman wants when dress shopping.

Jen even picked out a gorgeous dress to bring to Las Vegas for the Miss USA show on June 3rd~  But she wanted to keep it a secret til the event. We can say that she is wearing some sassy black Chinese Laundry shoes that will pair perfectly with the dress. 

 "The dress that Kelly and Erin from Miss Ruby helped me pick out is absolutely my style. It is elegant but also has enough pizazz to fit in in Vegas. I have tattoos so choosing a dress that doesn't clash with them is important. I don't think that a more perfect choice could have been found for celebrating at such a glam event as the Miss USA pageant."

Since Jen didn't want to post a picture of her new dress yet, she let us snap a photo of her 2nd favorite, a flirty and fun silk strapless dress that paired well with an elaborate necklace like the Contessa. This dress and many more will be featured in the video coming soon to Diamond Nexus. Stay tuned for some high style and breathtaking jewelry combinations!

It is so much fun to dress up!
Contessa Necklace

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