Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Finding the Right Ring Size

By Christina Waller ~Retail Visual Merchandiser/Jewelry Advisor

You have scoured, searched, and finally found your dream ring!  But, now for the task of getting the ring size that’s going to fit you perfectly.  It sounds easy, but can sometimes prove to be a daunting task.

I cannot stress enough the importance of going to a professional and having it done.  If you are lucky enough to be in the Milwaukee WI or Schaumberg IL area, you can stop at either of our Diamond Nexus retail locations and work with one of our fantastic jewelry advisors!  If that is too much of a drive for you, visit a jewelry store near you and have it done.  This is important for a variety of reasons:

  1. Sizers are a starting point.  Because each ring style is made differently, each ring is going to fit a little differently. By going to a professional, they can help guide you to the best possible fit.

  1. The width of the band is crucial to the sizing.  With a thicker band, you may find that instead of taking the size 6 you measured at, you may need to go up a quarter or half size.  The same can be said about a thinner, more delicate band.  Especially if the ring is top heavy with your stone, you may be more comfortable going with a quarter or half size smaller than you initially were measured at.

  1. Keep in mind the weather and time of year you are being sized.  For almost everyone, your skin and hands swell in the summer months and contract in the colder, winter months.  If you have hands that are very sensitive to the weather changes, you may find that bishop’s bumps are the way to go for sizing.  The balls of metal get soldered to the inside of the ring, making for a tighter fit, but not as tight as sizing down the entire ring.

  1. Your ring should fit snuggly and you should have to gently force it over your knuckle.  Having said that, snuggly should NOT translate to painful.  If you are scraping skin or having discomfort when the ring is on, it is more than likely too small.

Diamond Nexus understands that sizing is a BIG part of your ring purchase and that’s why we offer one free sizing in the first 30 days of having your ring!  When possible, I always urge people to stop in either retail location to be sized and send out your ring for repairs.  When that’s not possible, any of our Customer Service Reps would also be more than happy to help you.

Once you do get your ring and you find that the sizing needs to be adjusted, I always advise people to do it sooner than later.  I completely understand the joy of having it….and not wanting to give it up!!  But, especially in cases of it being to big, insuring that it has the proper fit and size, guarantees a more enjoyable experience of wearing it.


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