Monday, May 14, 2012

Check out the engagement ring that Floyd Mayweather gave his fiance!

Floyd Mayweather and fiance Shantel Jackson

A ring made almost entirely of diamonds in a platinum setting

American Boxer Floyd Mayweather is currently undefeated, has won 7 world titles, holds the WBC Welterweight Championship title and has also been rated the best pound boxer in the world, by such names as ESPN and Sports Illustrated.

This super star is estimated at having a net worth of $115 million dollars. So when he went looking for the perfect engagement ring for his fiance, the pricetag was not something that he was too concerned about. Though the estimates on the cost of this ring are rumored to be in the millions, most couples don't want to spend even a fraction of that.

So if you like the style of this ring but you really want to purchase a much more affordable engagement ring, check out Diamond Nexus. 

We have some very similar rings available on our website, like the Pompeii shown here:

Pompeii Engagement ring
 Or, if you want to have a ring with less gold and more stones, then contact our Nexus Design Studio to custom make an engagement ring like the one that Floyd Mayweather bought for his fiance.


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