Monday, April 2, 2012

What one of our custom jewelry designers wears from Diamond Nexus

Kate, one of our custom jewelry designers in the Nexus Design Studio just bought herself some new earrings from Diamond Nexus and she was excited to show them off! They are the San Diego earrings with .99 ct. princess cut stones, set in 14K Yellow Gold. She likes to double them with the Honey earrings for added bling, in a modern pairing that really gets attention!

"I like the Honey earrings because they aren't just a simple stud. They have a classic feel of a stud with a modern twist. I paired it with the San Diego set with a princess cut. I like the stud and lever back combo, elegant with out being too fancy"

They are both set with clear man made diamond simulants so that she can pair them with nearly any outfit!

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