Thursday, April 12, 2012

Psych: Shawn’s Grandmother’s Engagement Ring

By The Green Queen

Warning: although I tried really hard to keep this post as spoiler-free as possible, there may be a few of them included below.

It can sometimes be hard to get a good look at engagement rings featured in T.V. shows, but fans of the show Psych got an excellent close-up in a recent episode.

This gorgeous antique reportedly belonged to the grandmother of the show’s unlikely hero, Shawn Spencer.  Although Shawn hasn’t yet popped the question to his girlfriend, Detective Juliet O’Hara, he’s still keeping the ring around “just in case.”  (If he doesn’t lose it inside a toy for the millionth time.)

What struck me upon seeing the close-up, though, was how this ring is a near-perfect match to our own “Jessica” ring, a petite engagement ring that was just introduced to our new 10k affordable engagement collection a couple weeks ago.

Jessica Engagement Ring

The only major difference is that instead of metalworking to accent the band, the “Jessica” features 80 Round Brilliant cut Diamond Nexus accents. (And the fact that the “Jessica” only costs $550, whereas I’m pretty sure that an antique mined diamond solitaire costs way more than that. Well…I don’t know, maybe Shawn’s grandparents originally paid around $550 back in the '40s or whenever they got married. Inflation can be funny.) Check out the episode, then check out the ring and see for yourself! By the way, if we find out in a later episode that Shawn’s grandmother was named “Jessica,” I am going to start freaking out a little.

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