Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Nexus Design Studio gals having fun!

Missy and Chelsea assist customers in creating unique, one of a kind custom jewelry with the Nexus Design Studio . But what you all might not know about these fabulous women is that they are a ton of fun! I just love their positive energy and can honestly say that they are always so smiley and cheerful. They are great fun  to work with, and any time I need some willing volunteers for anything photo or video related, they jump to the task!

Diamond Nexus is lucky to have them on the team and we know that if anyone has any custom jewelry needs, that these ladies will be extremely helpful. Sometimes, designing a custom piece of jewelry can be confusing, but never fear, these women know their stuff and will follow along with you the whole way, from beginning to end, to ensure that each and every custom design is to your liking.

So if owning a custom piece from Diamond Nexus is your dream, just contact them at this link: to get started on owning your very own , one of a kind, custom jewelry!

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