Monday, April 23, 2012

Meg's Pick of the Week~ Her Prom Jewelry!

By Meg Strobel

This weekend was a real lark! Each year, a friend of mine hosts an absolutely devine fancy
dance party lovingly referred to as "prom". It's always fabulous, and there is always a theme, this year's theme: Cry Baby! For those of you unfamiliar with the movie, check out the trailer here: 
 It's one of Johnny Depp's earlier films and it takes place in the 50's. It's lush with controversial divisions between "squares" and "drapes," and choc-a-block full of crazy characters, wild costumes, inspired dialogue, and plenty of quirks, making it a great theme for a wild dance party!

I chose to attend as a square because, seriously, who can resist an opportunity to wear victory rolls out of the house? With a little help from my gal pal Jodi (the bell of the ball later chosen as Prom Queen) my hair was looking authentic 50's in no time! I chose a pale pink formal dress that had been gathering dust in my closet and embellished it with a few silk flowers from the craft store. But, what about the jewels you say?

Here I am~ Pretty in Pink!
Here's a silly pic of my and my prom date.  :)

Any excuse to break out the bling is a good excuse, and knowing my jewels from Diamond Nexus are eco-friendly, conflict free, and affordable made me feel fabulous too! For the party I picked traditional yellow gold settings with canary diamond simulant embellishments. For my ring I chose to wear the Fantine with an awesome 2.04 Round Brilliant Center. On my wrist, the simple, elegant, oh so chic adoration tennis bracelet, and for my ears- fantastic, fabulous 2 carat martini studs. Ice from head to toe!

Fantine with Canary 

Wearing the canary jewels made me feel so feminine and flirty, and wearing them in traditional yellow gold was fabulous. Yellow gold with yellow diamonds and a pink dress- I really felt like a princess! What do you think of my dress? What would you have chosen to wear for a theme party like this, and what kind of jewels would you pair with it?

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