Monday, April 23, 2012

Fabulous and chic at an affordable price

By Christina Waller~Retail visual merchandiser/Jewelry advisor

Who hasn’t looked on the Tiffany’s website and daydreamed, or thought about how amazing a Harry Winston piece would look on their hand.  Well, your dreams can become a reality with Diamond Nexus.

Tiffany Lucida Solitaire ring- 1.00 CS  $11,100

Diamond Nexus Lareda ring- 1.00cs 14k WG  $795

I don’t know about you, but I can think of A LOT of different things to spend that extra $10,000 in savings on!

Harry Winston Classic Round-starting at $15,000

Diamond Nexus Endless Days Round-1.49cs 14k WG  $990

This setting is the ultimate classic.  Diamond Nexus and Harry Winston both offer it in so many cuts and center stone sizes.  But the most expensive one through DN will still only set you back $1,785.00!
Tiffany Lucida with side stones-1.00cs  $12,900

Diamond Nexus Carlotta Princess-1.00cs 14kWG  $1,035

Attain the look of Tiffany’s…without the accompaniment of that hefty price tag.  Our Carlotta is also available with a round center stone. 

Tiffany Metro Hoop- $13,500

Diamond Nexus Chantal Hoop WG-$895

Why pay thousands of dollars when you can have the same look for so much less?  For the price we offer, you can afford to buy a few different pairs of earrings!

When going through and looking at all of the prices on other jeweler’s websites, I was quick to discover that all of the prices were starting points.  That means that you are paying a lot of money for stones that aren’t even their best quality!  With Diamond Nexus, you never need to worry about that.  ALL of our man made diamond simulants are the same D color, IF rated, and ideally cut quality. 

While our settings are high quality 14K, we can also do 18K and Platinum that all the other pieces I featured from other jewelers are set in.  And trust me, our pieces done in these metal upgrades are still going to be far less than our competitors.  For the most accurate pricing on these metal upgrades, any of our retail locations or Live Chat representatives can provide you with it.

Being fabulous and chic, truly has gotten so much more affordable thanks to Diamond Nexus.

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