Friday, April 13, 2012

A castle made to commemorate lost love

Miami's Coral Castle
In the early 1900's, a 26 year old man named Edward Leedskalnin was all set to marry his 16 year old love. She dumped him one day before the wedding. This heartbroken young man decided that instead of basking in sadness, he would instead build a tribute to his love for her.

The castle is built of over a thousand tons of sculpted coral. The mystery lies in the fact that Leedskalnin quarried and carried all of the coral himself, sculpting into the night for 28 years. Noone knows how he managed to complete this daunting task alone, but it stands beautifully against the Florida skyline, complete with gates, benches and even a tower lookout.

When the Coral Castle was completed he called it " Sweet Sixteen". Flocks of visitors come each year to witness this profound creation for themselves. A true tribute to one person's ability to love so deeply and remain dedicated their entire life.


  1. That's in my hometown! I have pictures of me as a child there. Almost reminds me of my story of love. We dated in high school and broke up after we left. But 13 yrs later it ended as a happy ending. He found me by chance in another state. We are happily married now for one year. Never went to purchase rings cause I felt that it would be morally wrong to purchase a real diamond from a mined. Just came across your site by chance cause I've heard of lab diamonds from friends in science. So, I googled it and found ya'll. I'm thinking about purchasing soon! Thank you for posting this. It took me back.

  2. Thank you for sharing your story with us! I am really happy to know that you have had such a romantic and happy lovestory! Congratulations to you both~ Everyone here at Diamond Nexus are all hopelessly romantic. The Castle has got to be something amazing in person! How fortunate you were to have grown up there. If you ever have any questions or need any assistance, please email me as I am always happy to help out! Or visit me on our Facebook page. Thanks again,Jennifer London~ Social Media Coordinator