Thursday, April 12, 2012

Anti-diamond graffiti outside of South Africa's 'Jewel City'

California street artist ABOVE spray painted an anti-diamond message outside of the world's largest diamond trading centers. This was done as protest against "blood diamonds" which have caused destruction to human life and the environment.

During an interview with the website Arrested Motion, ABOVE said:

"I was able to get away with this diamond wall heist because I told the owners I would paint in big letters 'Diamonds are a woman's best friend' on the exterior of their building.  The owners loved the idea and all quickly agreed. The next day I had started painting but what the owners didn't know is that I lied to them and was hijacking their wall. I assume the owners were too busy trading diamonds inside the mega centre they never took the time to come out and see I was painting a controversial word play about the diamond trade and how it's fueled so much bloodshed in wars making it one of man's worst enemies."

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That being said, I have to admit that this is one of the coolest ways I have seen to demonstrate against the blood diamond industry. It makes a powerful statement.

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