Monday, April 2, 2012

An Affordable Engagement ring- The First Love

First Love Engagement Ring

The First Love is a lovely solitaire ring that is simple and sweet. The classic design is perfect for anyone looking for an affordable engagement ring, since the ring starts at only $549. The great thing about this style is that the ring has an adjustable peghead, so if you don't want the ring as shown with a 1.03 ct Round cut center, you can also semi-customize it to hold any stone cut and carat weight that you prefer. The cost to change the stone depends on what carat weight you would like the ring to have.

What makes this ring so perfect is that it can pair with nearly any band that you love, for whatever style tickles your fancy! Speaking of fancy, one combination that I find quite striking is pairing the ring with one of the many stone filled bands that we offer on the Diamond Nexus website.

I you love the idea of stones in your band and you love bling, then check out this option: The Oasis eternity band. The sparkle from 12 dazzling round cut man made diamond simulants will blow everyone away when they catch a look at your ring and band.

Oasis Eternity Band

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