Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A customer story of why she chose Diamond Nexus

We love to hear from all of our customers but occasionally a story really stands out and catches our attention.  Such a story recently came to our attention when Lisa S. explained to our social media host, Jen, why she was buying her ring.  She explained that after years of owning a mined diamond she made a trip to Africa and it changed her viewpoint on a lot of trivial possessions, especially over priced jewelry that people have to suffer to make possible.  Her story is truly inspiring and we hope you all enjoy it:

Our lives have changed so much in the last few years. My husband worked for AT&T for 33 years and I stayed home and raised 3 children. Was wonderful to be at home with our children even though we had to sacrifice a lot of "THINGS" to do that.  All 3 graduated from college. They all worked as they went to school but never seemed to mind. My daughter and I graduated college at the same time. She was 20 and I was 46 with an RN degree. And that's when I started working after being at home for 25 years. 

When  my husband retired in 1998 from the phone company and got his contractor  incense; he then began building houses.  We were so blessed with his business for several years; up until the last 3 years, and needless to say the economy and the housing market bottomed out here as well as all over the nation. He had several big losses. But you know; if you have your health and your family, all is well! And we are blessed. 

Then I got an opportunity to go to Tanzania in May; all expenses paid, by an invite from a doctor friend to be his nurse. I just had to be willing to go! Its a hard trip but was I willing? Talking about being blessed! I could not have gone at that time otherwise as the trips are so expensive. When I came back; we knew that we should spend our last good healthy years making as many trips back to Africa, doing what ever we could to try to make a difference. If you did nothing but love on the wonderful people; it would be well worth the trip. Makes one ashamed as to what little it takes for them to be happy and have genuine joy!  

So; not only did we sell my rings but also our big house and have moved into a precious loft studio apartment. All we need. We also sold a lot of STUFF! That is the only way that we can afford these expensive trips in the future. We hope to be able to go again next spring or summer? As I told you; I even felt guilty buying the ring set,  thinking how many children and families that amount of money would help! But it seemed important to my husband; so I agreed. I felt it could be a great testimony to others when they compliment them; and be an open a door to share the wonderful alternative to mined diamonds, which costs these wonderful people so very much to supply for us over here. Sometimes their very lives! So again we are blessed and we pray that we can now bless others.  

Here are a few pictures of Lisa in Africa: 

The new look of Diamond Nexus!

Things are a changing here at Diamond Nexus! Over the past few months, our design and marketing teams have been working tirelessly to bring about some exciting new changes to the company.  In addition to our new store opening in Woodfield and an entirely new website, we’re happy to inform you of a complete rebranding! 

Dropping “labs” from our name forced us to reevaluate our logo.  After careful consideration we decided to remove the diamond simulant and humming bird that were in the previous iteration and focus solely on the letters D and N.  The script will look somewhat similar to the previous logo but with a much simpler and cleaner look.  It is our hope that the new logo will provide a more modern feel for the company. 

To coincide with our new logo we have also updated our color scheme.  While working on our new Flagship Store for Chicago’s Woodfield Mall we decided on a design that was very simple with contrasting black and white.  Once we saw the final design we decided that the entire company should follow suit.  This means that the green you’re used to seeing on everything will be gone and white and black will be in it’s place. 

So where will you see this new branding?  Well, if you’re lucky enough to be in the Chicago area, you can check out our new store in Woodfield Mall.  The store will be opening in mid-October and the Grand Opening will be following in November.  Everyone else will be able to see the new direction on our completely redesigned website that will be launching (hopefully) October 10th. 

As you can see we’ve been making some major changes to the company and we really hope that you like them!  Please let us know what you think, good, bad or ugly, we want to know. We look forward to your comments!

Monday, September 19, 2011

A sneak peak at our new product videos!

We're excited to announce that we'll be launching a brand new website in the beginning of October and several of the products will feature amazing new product videos. Although only a select few products will have these videos when the new site is launched, slowly but surely all product videos will follow suit. As you see how much detail and work goes into each video, it will be easy to see why it will take some time before all of our products can feature these amazing videos. Here is your sneak peak:

JUST KIDDING!! Although the new website will really feature new product videos, they won't be nearly as over the top as that! Now, here are two real sneak peaks of the product videos featuring your two favorite social media hosts, Kyle and Jen!

Jen describes the unique look of the Fifth Avenue ring and explains why it is one of you favorites.

Kyle talks about the unique look of More Than a Feeling and tells us why he thinks it makes a great gift.