Monday, November 30, 2009

12 Days of Bling: Day 1

Today, November 30th, is your last chance to take advantage of Diamond Nexus Labs' extended Black Friday weekend sale, with hundreds of items priced 25-40% off.

t is also the beginning of our 12 Days of Bling event!  From now until December 10th, we’ll be featuring eleven daily specials including exclusive discounts, free upgrades, free jewelry, and more!  The twelfth deal is a spectacular savings of up to $250 off any custom jewelry purchase through December 31st.  Don’t miss these fantastic offers to make your holiday season brighter than ever!

Today’s special offer: buy a necklace, get a free pair of studs weighing up to 2.00 carats each!  Click here for more details.

Friday, November 20, 2009

New size option for the Cinderella Staircase

In addition to creating new, smaller carat size options for some of our most popular engagement rings and Eternity bands, we’re also adding a new mid-range option for one of our ultimate bestsellers: the Cinderella Staircase!

Previously, the Cinderella Staircase center gemstone was available in both 1.24 carats and 2.40 carats, but nothing in between.  Now, we’ve added a 1.96 carat option, measuring 7mm.  This new selection makes it easier than ever for you to find the perfect size to suit your tastes.

Check out the rest of our stunning engagement collection at!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

New: Titanium & Tungsten Men's Rings

We’ve heard it time and again: men want more options for their jewelry than just a plain gold band.  But not every guy wants something with a lot of stones in it, or even just one big one.  Furthermore, when you’re getting married, it’s such a hassle to buy the bride’s wedding set at one store and then have to go someplace else for the groom’s ring.

Gentlemen, worry no more.  Diamond Nexus Labs is proud to present the newest additions to our men’s jewelry line: tungsten and titanium bands.

Sleek, stylish, and masculine, these rings are simpler and more functional than many of our gold power-fashion pieces.  But just because they don’t have any gems in them doesn’t mean they’re boring!  Check out our website to see the wide variety of styles we offer, filled with an array of finishes, textures, shapes, widths, and even moving parts.

Oh yeah…and they start at just $95, too.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

New: smaller carat sizes offered

You spoke, and we listened.  At our customers’ request, we’re now offering some of our bestselling Eternity bands and engagement rings in smaller carat sizes – with prices to match!  These new size options are perfect for those who prefer a lighter, more discreet look, or for those with active lifestyles who may find that larger gemstones don’t suit their daily activities.

Check out these new choices on our website today!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Introducing Cultured Topaz!

Meet the newest addition to the Diamond Nexus Labs cultured gemstone family: topaz!

The brilliant colors and fire of topaz have long made it a favorite among royalty, especially in ancient Greece and Egypt where it was believed to possess an array of magical properties. The name “topaz” originates from the Red Sea island of Topazios where the stones were found in ancient times. “Topazios” means “to seek,” as the island was often shrouded in a thick fog that made it very difficult to find, further adding to the mystery and romance of this breathtaking jewel.

In modern times, top quality topaz can still be elusive. Today’s topaz is often color enhanced with a thin coating that easily chips or rubs off over time. Even worse, some topaz is irradiated to achieve a richer color.

At Diamond Nexus Labs, our gorgeous lab-created topaz is free of any harmful contaminants, and its breathtaking color is an integral part of the gem’s formation so the color goes all the way through the stone. It will never peel, crack, or fade.

Set in pure Sterling silver with 14k rose and yellow gold accents on some pieces to compliment the topaz’s warm colors, these beautiful gemstones set a new standard in affordable luxury.  Take a look at the full collection on our website today!