Friday, November 21, 2008

New Elaborate Wedding Bands

When it comes to wedding bands, smooth and simple is an easy classic. But for those who prefer something with a little extra flair, Diamond Nexus Labs now has ten new styles in our ladies’ wedding band category. These rings are designed to compliment a variety of engagement ring styles, but are equally stunning on their own as well.

Visit these and other sparkling diamond simulant designs on our website – – or at our flagship boutique location in the Mayfair Mall of Wauwatosa, WI.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lorián Platinum: SIGNIFICANT Value

I’ll admit it: I’m a magpie. Every time new jewelry samples make their way into the office, I’m the first one to peek my head through the door and inquire, “Shiny?”

Yet even I tend to stay as far away from platinum as I can. Not because I don’t like it – who wouldn’t like a metal even brighter and more scratch-resistant than gold? – but because I’ve been conditioned by pure platinum price tags the way some people condition their dogs with shock collars. All I see is the word “platinum” and my mind screams, “Too expensive! Must not touch! I am not worthy!”

Which is ridiculous. But so is the price.

Hence, my new love affair with the Lorián Platinum Collection: as strong and beautiful as regular platinum, but lighter, guaranteed for life, and available at a savings of over 75%. At that amount, I suddenly don’t mind being just a little bit self-indulgent with my jewelry purchases. And as much as I liked the designs of Generation I, I LOVE the styles we’ve got now in Generation II.

Out of curiosity, though, I started researching how much the Generation II pieces might cost in pure platinum from a mined diamond retailer. I knew they were over 75% less, but I wanted to see for myself. I came across a few examples on the website of an extremely prominent diamond retailer in New York. (Sorry, but I’m not dropping any names here. This is a price comparison, not a chance to bash other brands.)

I found a total of three comparable styles: the Call Me Sweetheart ring, the Double Trouble necklace, and the Evening Glow necklace . (Although, honestly, I think the Diamond Nexus version of the Evening Glow looks better. The gemstones are bigger.) What I saw made my eyes pop out of my head. The same designs cost not thousands, but tens of thousands of dollars more. One price tag was well into six digits. And you can bet they don’t carry a full lifetime warranty.

So the Lorián Platinum love story continues. Maybe I’m naïve, but I still don’t understand the appeal of jewelry that’s so expensive that people are too nervous to actually wear it, even if they can afford to own it. Especially now, with such a high quality alternative available.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Five Weeks of Savings: Week Four

Nothing glides from day to night quite like a glittering, glamorous diamond simulant pendant.

That’s why, from November 17th to November 23rd, all 14k gold pendants are on sale for up to 30% off! We’re making it easy to beat the last-minute holiday rush and save money at the same time. In addition, our breathtaking presentation boxes will make the moment a dream come true; they’ll never forget the year you gave a gift from Diamond Nexus Labs.

These pendants are a perpetual holiday bestseller, because they suit sweethearts and lovers as well as family and friends. Whoever’s on your list, there’s something for them in our expansive selection. To view these and other amazing jewelry options, visit our website at You can place your order on the website itself, or call our Customer Care Center at 1.800.509.4990.

Our five-week pre-holiday sale goes on brief hiatus next week, as we gear up for the final stretch of this unbelievable event: the most extensive sale of the season! Don’t forget to keep checking back…you won’t believe your eyes.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Product Videos

As you’ve been wandering around our website over the past couple weeks, you may have noticed something new.

In the interest of helping you get a better idea of our products before you order, we’ve added videos of nearly sixty of our top bestselling ladies’ rings! These simple videos are designed to let you see all angles of these pieces, to give you a more accurate feel for their texture, form, and relative size. (Just remember that most pieces are available in multiple carat sizes, so the size you’re viewing may or may not be the one you want to order.)

To see whether video is available for the product you’re looking at, check the product photo gallery directly underneath the main product picture.

If there’s a small blue circle with “Play 3D Video” on it, simply hover your mouse over the circle and wait a few seconds while the video loads. While some internet connections may not provide the ideal picture, you should have a full rotating view of the selected piece within moments. Bear in mind that the deep blue background, (selected to help make textures more visible,) may make some products appear darker than they are.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hidden Gemstone History Fact: #1

And now for a strange bit of trivia: the historical origins of the Marquise cut gemstone.

The Marquise cut, also known by some as the “Navette” cut, was commissioned by Louis XV of France to emulate the shape of his favorite mistress’ lips: the marquise Madame de Pompadour. She was by far his most intelligent, talented, and politically powerful mistress.

Born Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson, the daughter of a financier and a prostitute, she was told by a fortune-teller at the age of nine that one day, she would command the heart of a king. Though she married another man ten years later, her mother was still determined to see the prophecy come true.

In February of 1745, at the age of 22, the beautiful young Jeanne-Antoinette finally met the king at a costume ball at Versailles, where she appeared dressed as the goddess Diana and he came disguised as a tree.

(No, really. He was dressed as a tree. Truth really is stranger than fiction.)

Within a month, she was his mistress. By July, he had purchased her a vast estate, given her the title Marquise, and she had left her husband. The two were lovers for five years and, afterwards, remained friends until her death in 1764 at the age of forty-two.

Many fashions inspired by Madame de Pompadour are still in existence, such as the Pompadour heel, the Pompadour hairstyle, and the classic rose de Pompadour color of Sèvres porcelain.

The Marquess ring of the Revelation Collection by Diamond Nexus Labs was named as a subtle reference to her, owing to the four Marquise cut gemstones that give it its unusual shimmering grace.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"Journey of Healing" Now in Lorian Platinum

Last October, Diamond Nexus Labs launched the Journey of Healing pendant. Inspired by one of our own customer care representatives – a breast cancer survivor – this 14k gold pink Journey pendant is intended to remind us all of the long, hard battle being fought everyday and all the ways that we can fight it together. To fuel this endeavor, $200 from the sale of every pendant and chain set is being donated to help fund the fight against breast cancer.

Though Breast Cancer Awareness month has now passed, the fight is far from over.

Last week, Diamond Nexus Labs released a new variation of the Journey of Healing pendant. This piece is now available in Lorián Platinum, making it even more affordable than before. When you purchase this pendant, a $100 donation will be made in your name to support the battle against this disease. This new option was designed to make it easier for everyone to make a difference; of course, though, the 14k gold variation is still readily available to those who prefer it.

To take part in this effort today, visit our website at, or call our Customer Care Center at 1.800.509.4990.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Five Weeks of Savings: Week Three

The festivities continue with our Five Weeks of Savings pre-holiday sale event!

Starting today, we’re offering up to 30% off the price of every 14k gold bracelet and necklace on our website to help you in your quest for the ultimate holiday gift. (In some cases, this is over $1,000 off!) Whether you prefer simple or decadent styles, nothing says sophisticated grace quite like one of these radiant pieces.

Remember, though: these prices will only last until November 16th! After that, all bracelets and necklaces will return to their regular cost and the special savings will move on to the next mystery sale item.

To see more of these pieces and their amazing, one-week-only prices, visit our website at, or call our Customer Care Center at 1.800.509.4990.

Friday, November 7, 2008

International Jewel Thieves Captured

Last Tuesday, amid a raid in the Austrian town of Villach some 365 km southwest of Vienna, three suspected jewel thieves were apprehended by Austrian and German authorities in connection with a jewel heist that took place in Italy last August. The international team of thieves consisted of two men and a woman who had $4.5 million of stolen jewels in their possession. The stones were stolen from a German jewelry dealer from the city of Idar-Oberstein. Reportedly, the female conspirator tricked him into coming with her to Milan, where the theft took place. The dealer was seriously injured by a car during the heist.

The most valuable jewel recovered, by far, was the enormous uncut ruby known as the “Prince of Burma.” At approximately 7 centimeters in length, the ruby alone is worth $4.1 million. It is not publicly known how many carats the gem weighs, but the uncut Hixon Ruby of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County is 5 cm in length and weighs 196 carats.

However, in contrast with the Hixon, the Prince of Burma has many inclusions. As one of our marketing team members said: “$4.1 million for something that looks like a giant red booger?!”

This raised the question in our office: “What if we made a cultured ruby of the same size? How much would it cost?” Granted, doing so would not yield a perfectly identical stone: the Prince of Burma is not flawless, as a lab-created gemstone would be. However, if we loosely estimate the Prince of Burma to weigh the same as the Hixon, (which, as a near-flawless ruby, is closer in substance to what Diamond Nexus Labs would create,) we can calculate that a 196 carat Diamond Nexus cultured ruby, cut and polished, would cost roughly $19,600. This is approximately 1/200th of the price of the uncut Prince of Burma, or 0.5%.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Retail Locations Page

We’ve added a new page to our website!  With the opening of our first physical retail boutique, we now also have our Retail Locations webpage to help you learn more about where and how to find us.

This page features information about the Mayfair Mall of Wauwatosa, WI, as well as a link to find driving directions from wherever you are. It also showcases photos from the store, names of our daily giveaway winners, and a video of our $2500 Grand Opening shopping spree winner: Carol Uitz!

To open this page, click on the Retail Locations tab located at the far right of the row of blue tabs at the top of our website, just underneath the company logo.

From there, information about daily giveaway winners is available behind the link located above the picture of our $2500 winner.

Come visit us to enter one of our daily drawings yourself! You could win a beautiful Generation I Lorián Platinum ring, and your entry will also automatically be rolled over to qualify you for our monthly birthday drawings, beginning soon. Every month, one lucky store customer whose birthday is that month will be selected to win an item from their wishlist. You can pick anything you like, but you must come to our store to fill out your entry card!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Five Weeks of Savings: Week Two

Diamond Nexus LabsFive Weeks of Savings event continues with Round Two of our pre-holiday sale.

This week, enjoy exclusive reductions on select stud earring styles – all timeless favorites and some of our bestsellers!

All Triangle, Radiant, Pear, Oval, Marquise, Heart, and Emerald cut stud earrings are available to you for 30 to 40% off from now until Sunday, November 9th. This special discount is designed to help you get a jump start on this year’s holiday shopping, but these delightful pieces make excellent gifts for other occasions as well. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or nothing in particular, this is the perfect time to add these beautiful studs to your collection.

Call our Customer Care Center at 1.800.509.4990, or visit our website at and order by November 9th to receive your discount.