Monday, September 29, 2008

September 30th Deadline

Just a reminder: the drawing for the $1,000 Diamond Nexus Labs shopping spree will be taking place TOMORROW, September 30th! Make sure you've written your customer reviews by then on our regular website for a chance to win. (See the blog entry below for instructions on how to post.)

Of course, even after the drawing is over, the customer review feature will still be available. Feel free to continue writing in with all of your amazing stories and comments. We can't wait to read them!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Post On Our Website!

Remember, if you post your customer review here on the blog, it will NOT enter you in the drawing for the $1,000 Diamond Nexus shopping spree.  As much as we love seeing your comments here, we also want you to have a chance at winning!
If you've already posted a review here on the blog, don't worry!  You can just re-post the same comment on our website.

Go to and log in to your customer account.  You can do this in the upper left corner of the homepage, right underneath the words "Beautiful.  Ethical.  Affordable.  Forever."  If you can't remember your log-in information, you can create a new account.  Click on the words "Sign Up" right underneath the "Sign In" button.

After you're signed in, go to the product page for the item you purchased.  (If you're reviewing the "Be My Baby" pendant, you would go to the "Be My Baby" page.  If you're reviewing the "Venus" pendant, you would go to the "Venus" page, etc...)  You can either browse our categories to find it, or type its name into the search box in the upper right corner of the site, above the picture of the catalog.

Once you've found the product page, you can find the review section underneath the shipping information, just below the product picture.  Click on the words "Write your own review," and you're all set.
Happy posting!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Customer Reviews

Diamond Nexus Labs is proud to announce the newest interactive element of our website: customer reviews! This new feature is designed to give you a greater voice regarding your opinions of our products, and also to help other customers with their shopping choices.

To kick-start this endeavor, we’re holding a drawing for a $1000 Diamond Nexus shopping spree! To enter, simply log in to your customer account at our website and post a comment on one or more of the items you’ve purchased. You will automatically be entered in the drawing, which will take place September 30, 2008.

All reviews are subject to approval by the moderator, so please keep comments family-appropriate.

While we LOVE to hear from readers of our blog, your review must be entered at our website in order to qualify for the drawing. Also, as happy as we are to hear from new visitors, this drawing is for customers only.

Monday, September 22, 2008

New Website Look

After weeks of brainstorming and redesigning, we’ve upgraded our website. We now have new product landing pages and navigation features for you to check out, like the “Build Your Jewelry” section at the bottom of every page. This box updates automatically as you select features like gold color, ring size, and carats, so you can always see exactly what you’re ordering and how much it will cost before you add it to your cart.

Keep looking around and you'll find all sorts of other little surprises, like improved graphics and information accessibility.  (The "previous/next" buttons in the upper right corner of every product page are surprisingly handy, too.)  We hope you’ll find this new layout better organized and much more fun to explore. As always, your opinions mean everything. Let us know what you think by e-mailing us at:

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

P.P.D. Sale Sold Out Early

We would like to apologize to those of you who’ve recently tried to browse our P.P.D. and Lorian Platinum items. We had intended this sale to be a six-week event, but our customers’ enthusiasm simply overwhelmed us! We sold over 90% of our sale inventory in the first ten days, and now it’s all gone.

We want to thank everyone for your unflagging customer loyalty and support, and for making the 2008 P.P.D. sale a smash success. Because of you, Diamond Nexus Labs continues to be one of the fastest growing jewelry companies in America. We are proud to be the intelligent, ethical choice in high quality jewelry and look forward to bringing you our innovative designs for many years to come.

Again, thank you.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New Pendant Type

Diamond Nexus Labs is adding a new category to our pendants: symbolic imagery. Our first three pieces are variations on the much-requested cross design.


2.25” tall, this white gold pendant is encrusted with sixty-eight .02 Round Brilliant cut gemstones.

A 1” tall white gold pendant holding sixteen channel set Round Brilliant stones with a total weight of .48 carats.

Eleven Round Brilliant cut stones with a total weight of .91 carats arranged in a 1.75” tall white gold pendant.

See our Dreambook Catalog for more symbolic pendants, including Star of Davids, Infinity slides, peace signs, and more.
Coming soon: a gemstone-studded Fleur de Lis!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Diamond Nexus Labs: THE STORE!

It’s finally happening…!

Diamond Nexus Labs is opening its very first store!

Starting October 1st, you’ll be able to visit Diamond Nexus Labs in person at our location in the Mayfair mall of Wauwatosa, WI. Whether you’re a new customer, a loyal fan, or just looking, our boutique will be a luxurious and relaxing experience complete with the finest products and high-caliber customer service experience that Diamond Nexus Labs is known for.

This bold venture is just the first of many yet to come. We hope to see you there soon!